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Object Panel1 cares for centering the contents (see the Pos tab) and for providing a margin between the outer white rectangle and the browser window (see the Edges tab for the margin value).

The links in the navigation bar are aligned to the left side (see the Pos tab). To add a link two approaches are recommended:
  • Select one existing link, copy it into the clipboard (Ctrl-C), and paste it (Ctrl-V). Now you can customize the text and the page link.
  • Add a new link to the object Panel2 via drag&drop from the palette, set Alignment to Left in the Pos tab and set Use to Link2 in the Main tab. Now you can customize the text and the page link.

To add a new page, select an exitings page or the object PageControl1 and click "New Page" in the context menu. Note that the Use field in the Pos tab is automatically assigned the value of the last active page, assuming that the new page should have a similar layout (namely the inner white rectangle).

The stylesheet contains styles for the color of the rectangles (white), for the links in the navigation bar, and for the section headings.